Volkswagen TDI Inventory

What makes Volkswagen TDI vehicles unique?

To briefly summarize these vehicles' recent history, the EPA issued Volkswagen a notice of violation for cheating on emissions tests back in 2015. Branded as "Dieselgate," this event made headlines around the world and ended up forcing Volkswagen to repurchase all of the TDI vehicles they had sold in the US or provide financial restitution to its owners.
Why are these vehicles now available for resale?

After having repurchased hundreds of thousands of these vehicles, Volkswagen devised a fix (dubbed "Approved Emissions Modification," or "AEM") This fix, which was approved by CARB as well as the EPA, includes modifications related to engine and transmission software as well as new emissions systems. For more detailed information, please click here: By law, all of the TDI vehicles for sale at Tynan's Pre-Owned Superstore in Aurora, CO have received the AEM prior to being offered for retail sale. These Turbocharged, Direct-Injected diesel cars and SUVs therefore represent a unique subset of the used vehicle market and a great opportunity to own a long-lasting, economical vehicle for a lot less than a comparable gas-powered version of a similar vehicle.

Why do these TDI vehicles have hail damage?

After Volkswagen repurchased these vehicles, they stored them at lots all around the country. As luck would have it, there were a few thousand of them stored (outdoors) in Colorado Springs when two successive hail storms rolled though the area back in 2018 causing varying amounts of damage to the vehicles. Over the past several months, Tynan's Pre-Owned Superstore has been busy purchasing hundreds of the affected cars and SUVs directly from Volkswagen and putting them through the same rigorous safety inspection and reconditioning process (plus performing the AEM) all of our pre-owned vehicles go through - minus the cosmetic items. And since we were able to purchase these vehicles at a discount because of the hail damage, we decided to sell them as they sit (in all of their dinged-up glory) and pass those savings onto you. And that's how the dings on these ugly ducklings translate into big savings for you!

So check out our current inventory below and pick the one that's right for you (while supplies last!)

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