Is 4WD or AWD Better for Winter Driving in Aurora, CO?


Both 4WD and AWD have advanced to levels that choosing between them is largely a personal choice in matching their capabilities to your driving needs and habits. While you may have thought that 4WD and AWD are the same things, there are distinct differences that can make a significant difference for your daily driving in the Denver area.

Learn more about 4WD and AWD systems and their capabilities to find out which is best for your Centennial-area driving.


The Advantages of AWD

AWD systems work best on the pavement, even though off-road driving to a certain degree is possible. With the ability to send power to all four tires all the time, the AWD vehicles have superior traction on snow-covered and rain-slick roads. AWD system can seamlessly transfer torque to the front and rear wheels as conditions change by monitoring driving conditions as well as switch to two-wheel drive to save on gas.

Each tire can move independently so that cornering and slippery conditions are easier to drive in.

The Advantages of 4WD

Centennial drivers will find that 4WD systems shine when used for off-road driving and in extremely slippery conditions, which is why they are usually associated with trucks and off-roading vehicles. Since 4WD is a part-time system, it does not engage unless you shift into it by using a button, lever, or knob. Engaging the 4WD system locks the front and rear driveshafts together, making the front and rear axles turn at the same speed.

With 4WD engaged, you know engine torque is always being sent to at least one front wheel and one rear wheel so that you are not relying on a computer to predict or detect wheel slip. This distribution of torque is ideal for driving in snow, sand, and mud. However, 4WD drive doesn't do as well on paved roads since you often need your wheels to spin at different speeds to corner and react to conditions.


Discover the Right Drivetrain for You

When you look through our selection of used vehicles, you will find sophisticated vehicles that offer both 4WD and AWD systems. Browse our used inventory to find the right drivetrain and model for your winter traction needs!

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