At Tynan’s Pre-Owned Superstore, we are a proud partner/donor of the Clear the Air Foundation. The Clear the Foundation was founded in 2007 to play a key role in the reduction of polluting emissions from dilapidated vehicles and recycling them. The money made from this process goes towards scholarships to give back to the Denver area.

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Helping to Improve Colorado's Air Quality

The Clear Air Foundation accepts vehicles in any condition, but the majority of the trade-in vehicles are valued under one thousand dollars. Since this foundation covers the cost of transportation and most of the paperwork, it has taken over 3,500 vehicles off the road to prevent further polluting.

The CTAF doesn't just throw vehicles in a junkyard and forget about them. Instead, vehicles are recycled, with certain parts being sold off for revenue. The revenue is then put back into communities to support drivers in the Lakewood, CO, area. The engine block is always destroyed to ensure that the vehicle is inoperable.

Additionally, vehicles that go through the auto recycling process are entered into the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System as "scrapped," which ensures that titles can no longer be issued for the Vehicle Identification Number.

As a donor, we contact CTAF with a vehicle's information and have it towed away. If driver's in the Littleton, CO, area want to do the same, just contact the CTAF with relevant information, and it will have the vehicle hauled away with no expense to you. We pay the CTAF a fair market value for the automobile, and it is liquidated. The money made is put towards scholarships for Automotive Technician students in Colorado.


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