At Tynan’s Pre-Owned Superstore, we serve Denver and beyond by offering extended warranty coverage for our used inventory. These warranty opportunities give another level of assurance that some Centennial drivers look for. Unlike buying from a private party, we are proud to offer additional benefits that give you the confidence and assurance to choose one of our used models.

Learn more about the benefits of our warranties and why so many drivers from the Lakewood, CO, area choose us.


Why Choose an Extended Warranty?

Even with our vehicles being in exceptional condition and coming with vehicle history reports, there are drivers in the Littleton, CO, area who prefer the added comfort of having an extended warranty. In the event of a component wearing out or not functioning correctly within your warranty, you can save money with the warranty's coverage.

The extended warranty gives a similar sense of protection that you might find for a new vehicle, allowing you to enjoy the lower starting price of a used vehicle with similar warranty coverage of a new vehicle. Due to the nature of different vehicles, extended warranties' availability will vary, depending on the age and mileage of the vehicle.

If you're interested in learning more about our warranties and which vehicles come with available extended warranties, then reach out to our friendly finance team. Many drivers choose to add an extended warranty as additional protection for their investments.

As you can tell, extended warranties are a matter of preference and comfort in the used-car-buying experience. You can count on reliable used inventory that serves you well whether you add a warranty or not. To start exploring our extended warranties, we would be happy to tell you all about them. Contact us today to learn more!