Extreme Temperatures and Vehicle Batteries

Regardless of what type of battery you buy for your vehicle, it has an expiration date. However, extreme temperatures have been shown to have a negative effect on batteries, which decreases their lifespan further. Vehicle owners do themselves a great favor by having an automotive technician check the acid levels and the performance of the battery each year.

When outdoor temperatures drop below freezing, the level of battery acid drops approximately 20 percent. When the temperatures drop to -22 or less, battery acid levels decline by 50 percent. The environmental fluctuation combined with usage for vehicle lights and heat wreaks havoc on battery life.

On the other hand, extremely warm outdoor temperatures have the opposite effect. When summer temperatures rise above 100, battery acid levels increase by as much as 12 percent, which also diminishes battery life. If having problems starting your vehicle any time of year, contact a qualified service technician to remedy the issue.



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