Electronic Stability Control is a Must for Teen Drivers

Consider electronic stability control (ESC) as an added layer of protection for drivers. Here's why this feature is especially good for teenagers.

Driving on curvy or slippery roads requires an ability handle a car that some teenagers have yet to master, but ESC gives them help in this area. ESC uses sensors for speed, vehicle rotation rate and steering angle to monitor when the vehicle and steering wheel position aren't aligned as they should be. Electronic stability control applies automatic braking to help the teen maintain control. Sometimes ESC also reduces engine throttle. This feature is required on all vehicles built since 2012, except the heaviest ones, and ESC reduces fatal single-vehicle crash risk by half.

Come to our Aurora location, and check out the ESC-equipped vehicles Tynan's Superstore has to offer. You and your teen can take a test drive while you're here.



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