Understanding Tread and Tire Pressure

While they can often be overlooked, tires are a vital part of your vehicle's ability to operate effectively. Improperly inflated tires can lead to a loss in fuel efficiency and can also be a cause of tire blowouts. Learn to spot any potential problems and save yourself aggravation down the road.

Under-inflated tires cause the tread to wear unevenly and also cause heat to build up between the tire and the road, causing the tire to wear out faster. Both instances can increase the probability of a tire blowout, which can be dangerous at high speeds. An inexpensive tire gauge and consulting your owner's manual will help you to determine if your tire falls in the correct range.

Your tire's tread keeps you safe on the road. On rainy or snowy roads, the tread adds traction to keep your car from slipping or hydroplaning. If you suspect your tires have low tread, you can confirm by using a penny inserted between two treads to check.



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